Buy Gary Payton Cookies, It’s time to call a timeout on overpriced, mid-grade bud with a celebrity name slapped on the side.

Instead, rotate in the new strain, Gary Payton, and dominate the sesh

Gary Payton Cookies For Sale Online

The going rate? Up to $70 per eighth. The stuff sells out in hours.

“This is like the Wheaties box for the weed game and we were the first to pop it off,” said Cookies founder and rapper Berner, in a July release. “What makes it best is the bag behind it is so fire.” That Gary Payton,” Powers said, shaking his head in disbelief. Fellow grower Jigga, Berner, and their inner circle concurred. No surprise, really, but one of Berner’s friends knew one of Payton’s friends. An Oakland meeting ended in a licensing deal. “The vibe was right and we both decided to change the game together,” said Berner.

Order Gary Payton Cookies Online

The 2006 NBA Finals Champion and 1996 NBA Defensive Player of the Year’s face screams off of eighth-ounce flower bags sold at licensed California retailers and delivery services this week statewide.

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Get the best of the Gary Payton cookies cheap online from us. This strain was cultivated by the CEO of cookies Berner he has been known as the leader of cannabis production modern world with his several amazing top indoor collection cannabis.

Keeping up with the man—his dried, cured cannabis flowers present as a single, dense, glistening, riotously multicolored, 3.5-gram nug. It was so beautiful, it felt like a crime to break it up.

Waves of classic Cookie dank aroma—scrumptious, sweet, creamy, berry—washed out of the bag, perfuming every room in which it sat. Heads will call this “loud.”

Exceedingly high-THC, intensely hybridized Gary Payton electrifies as it sedates—generating a time-warping mental gauze that teleports you 180 minutes into the future, and over to some munchies. For real.

How did this particular strain get associated with the Seattle Supersonics star? Fandom.

The Cookie fam are basketball heads and street ballers since childhood. When grower/breeder Kenny Powers crossed two coveted Cookies strains—The Y and Snowman—offspring number 20 stood out as the best.

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